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RBF Practitioners, Advanced Practitioners, and Coaches


Katelyn Ables Delta Health Alliance
Annetta Berry Georgia Family Connection Partnership
Rosa Briceno Arlington Public Schools
John Bringuel, MA Georgia Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention Initiative
Shana Brodnax 3 Birds Coaching and Consulting
Kayla Brooks Seeding Success
Mary Bruce
Toni Cooke On Common Ground Consulting
Tim Cotman
Joshua Dankoff Citizens for Juvenile Justice
Sydney Dean Delta Health Alliance
Deitre Epps
Marcia Erving Delta Health Alliance
Jeanne Fekade-Sellassie Funders for Housing and Opportunity
Nick Ferreira The Child Center of NY
Christiane Frischmuth
Brooks Ann Gaston Delta Health Alliance
Lolita Gladney Delta Health Alliance
Dianne Haulcy Think Small
Penny Jordan, EdD Berea College Partners for Education
Erika King University of Southern Maine
Danyika Leonard Northside Achievement Zone
Rhonda Lewis Delta Health Alliance
Adam Luecking Results Leadership Group
Hilary Meier Delta Health Alliance
Emily Mirra Building Changes
Kaylene Mitchell John T. Gorman Foundation
Kelli Moore Berea College Partners for Education
Aparna Nandula Delta Health Alliance
Nikki Payne Delta Health Alliance
Allison Poindexter Delta Health Alliance
Celesta Riffe Berea College
Courtney Robertson Seeding Success
Cheryl Robinson
Phyllis A. Rozansky Pathways to Results, LLC
Roshunda Sample Delta Health Alliance
Mara Sanchez University of Southern Maine
Sue Sarber, PhD Arlington Public Schools, VA
Heather Schill Berea College
Patton Stephens The OCL Group
Marty Swain
Roland Trevino
Carolyn Willis Delta Health Alliance


Beroz Ferrell The Point, LLC
Bill Shepardson The Annie E Casey Foundation
Angela Hendrix Terry
Sheila Weber Independent Consultant
Marian Urquilla


Raj Chawla The OCL Group
Victoria Goddard-Truitt, Ph.D. Leading for Results, LLC
Colin Groth Strive Together
Stephen E. Jones, Ph.D. SEJ Consulting
Jolie Bain Pillsbury, PhD Sherbrooke Consulting, Inc.
Sarah Rajski Independent Consultant
Parvathi Santhosh-Kumar Strive Together
Alice Shobe Alice Shobe Consulting, Inc.
Ashley Stewart Executive Leadership Coach | Leadership Development Practitioner