Use the table below and its links to examples and templates to help you put together your qualification portfolio. Feel free to overtype the example or start from the blank template.

Have you?






Used RBF Individual Development Plan (IDP) to assess current skill level and identify practice path to enhanced skills


Next step


Scored 90% or higher on a closed book, written test on RBF Theory at the end of the 201 workshop, or through arrangement through the RBF Network;


Next step


Submitted an RBF meeting portfolio for four (4) results based meetings that you designed and facilitated. Each portfolio includes the following (click highlighted words for examples and templates):

  • a summary cover sheet documenting the meeting results (Example or Template)
  • the meeting annotated design agenda demonstrating use of the 3Rs (Example)
  • the public agenda (Example) and
  • the composition analysis (Example)




Scheduled an observation of the candidate facilitating results based meeting (real or simulated) that the applicant has designed. Based on the observation, the RBF coach assesses the applicant’s use of RBF skills. The candidate receives feedback from the observation for their continued skill development. Qualification requires the candidate’s skill assessment be at “approaching” or higher. (May occur at RBF 301)



If you choose to submit your portfolio electronically, it would be most helpful if you send a separate email with the portfolio eleemnts for each of the four RBF meetings to coaches@rbfnetwork.com.

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