Background and Leadership

RBF Network was formed in 2007 by the co-founders - Jolie Bain Pillsbury, Victoria Goddard-Truitt, Steven Jones and Robert D. Pillsbury, Jr. .

In 2013, the Network became affiliated with the Results Based Leadership Consortium. In that year, Raj Chawla joined the Board as a Member and Patton Stephens became Managing Director.

In 2015, the RBF Network established a six member Board supported by the Managing Director.  The RBF Board revised the Qualification Process and Criteria in 2015 to establish three levels of Qualification: RBF Practitioner, RBF Advanced Practitioner and RBF Coach.  The responsibilities of the Board are to support the Mission of the RBF Network by delineating the standards and criteria for RBF Qualification, maintaining the documentation for Qualified RBF's and making resources available to RBF Advanced Practitioners and Coaches to support the implementation of workshops and qualification of RBF Coaches.

Qualified Pracitioners, Advanced Practitioners and Coaches sign a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with the RBF Network which gives them access to the curricula and resources necessary to implement RBF Workshops and provide RBF Coaching.

There are a number of organizations and agencies that suppport the development of Results Based Facilitators. See the Related Links tab.


Board Members 2016

Jolie Bain Pillsbury

Jolie Bain Pillsbury, Ph.D.



Victoria Goddard Truitt

Victoria Goddard-Truitt, Ph.D.



Stephen Jones

Stephen Jones, Ph.D.



Raj Chawla

Raj Chawla


Alice Shobe

Alice Shobe


Sarah Rajski

Sarah Cotton Rajski


Patton Stephens

Patton Stephens
Managing Director

The Managing Director provides support in Logistics, Scheduling, Marketing, Accounting, Resource Management, Database Management, and Network Management.

My work in leadership development incorporates project management, coaching, and writing skills, and has included Results Based leadership and facilitation since 2008.


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